Experience service with personality

Office MIX recognizes that every customer interaction presents an opportunity to take action in making your job easier. We take great pride in providing a level of service that delivers quick, accurate information all while experiencing Furniture with Personality.

When you call Office MIX, you’ll talk to team members that genuinely care about the success of you and your organization. Personal attention and customer-focused thinking will be evident from “Hello, Welcome to Office MIX” all the way through “Thank You for choosing Office MIX, have a great day!”

Finally, the customer service team has set standards based on their five pillars of service that enable us to be more than customer service and become advisors and a valuable resource that you can depend on.

Communication – Listen first to understand the situation and then deliver clear, relevant responses

Delivering Confidence – Accurate and prompt information every time

Personal Expression – Letting our personality shine through genuine people

Insightfulness – Proactive thinkers that constantly seek the optimal outcome

Exceed Expectations – Experience that little extra something that makes Office MIX shine